Wednesday Nights at Paso Naz

6:30 - 8:00pm

Wednesday night at Paso Naz is a night of activities for the whole family.  We provide a children's program from toddler/preschool age through 6th grade, a youth group for 7th grade through high school, and an adult Bible study.  See additional info below:

  • Kids  Zone >> Toddlers thru  6th grade*

    *Temporarily on Hold

    All kids through sixth grade are welcome as Breanne Ventura teaches Bible stories, memorization of Bible verses, play games, sing, eat snacks, and have fun with each other.  Show up and bring your Bible and a friend for points to dig in the treasure chest!

  • Youth  Group  >>  7th thru  12TH GRADE

    Few things in life can be as valuable in a teen's life, as a youth group .  With the challenges that teens face, having Godly fellowship with like-minded teens can provide invaluable support.  Our atmosphere is one of fun and friendship while seeking to grow and mature teens in the Lord.  EPIC Wednesdays are the core of youth group, but we also have extracurriculars such as, pool & beach trips, camp, and all-nighters.

  • Adult  Bible  Study*

    *Temporarily on Hold

    Our adult Bible study on Wednesday night, led by Theresa Snowbarger, is designed to teach and disciple while relating the Word to our daily lives.  This Bible study is designed to be both a continual series (currently the book of Revelation) and stand alone lessons at the same time, so adults can attend regardless if they have missed a week or not attended before.