Church Leadership

Meet our Paso Naz ministry team!  Contact them by clicking the email link below each person's description.

  • Brent  Wylie  -  Lead  Pastor  / Youth

    Our pastor has a passion to reach all ages from the pulpit.  Having been a youth pastor for two decades, he seeks to bring the Gospel alive for youth as well as making it impacting for adults.  He desires to have messages that are rooted in God's Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and pointed at Jesus.  Brent is also currently acting as our youth pastor at Paso Naz.
    Brent is married to his wife Denise, and they have 3 girls: Makayla, Abagail, and Brenna. 

    With all those girls at home, Brent considers his Playstation 4 as his long lost son.


  • Nanci  Lovelace  -  associate  Pastor

    Nanci has been active in the Paso Robles community and involved in various local ministries since 2002.  She recently finished seminary at Fuller and loves to share her learning.  Her role is to lead our Wednesday adult Bible study,  periodically preach on Sundays, and offers Christian counseling alongside Pastor Brent.  Nanci hopes to inspire others to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus, while enlightening younger generations about the importance of 80's sitcoms.  Nanci and her husband Joe have 2 daughters, Madeline & Ava.

  • Paul  osborne  -  worship  leader

    Paul leads worship with a sincerity and humbleness that points the songs we sing clearly to Jesus.  Being a choral director by profession, his knowledge of music composition flows through his arrangements with contemporary songs as well as hymns.  Paul invests countless hours into preparing our praise team to lead worship every Sunday. 

    He and his wife Katrina have an adorable daughter named Emmy.


  • Denise  wylie  -  Children's  director

    Our pastor's wife Denise oversees our thriving children's department at Paso Naz.  Denise coordinates our mid-week program, Sunday School, Children's Church, Nursery, and directs Vacation Bible School.  She has a heart for our children and is always looking for more people to join the team with this fun and rewarding ministry to kids.
    Denise is married to our pastor, and they have 3 girls: Makayla, Abagail, and Brenna.   Spending office hours during the week with her husband is a dream come true!  (According to Brent)


  • Trina  Clays  -  Office  Manager

    Trina holds down everything in the office and keeps everyone in line.  She is available Wednesday through Friday to answer calls or e-mails in the church office.  Call her for any questions, or stop by the office to say hi... just don't touch her candy.
    She and her husband Scott are both heavily involved with ministry in our church, and they have three children: Britney, Megan, and Matthew.